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Evidences You Shouldn’t Take Digital Marketing Lightly

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Evidences You Shouldn’t Take Digital Marketing Lightly

As we move towards the middle of the 21st century, we are in the flaming era of the internet age. Previously, the industry leader was traditional media. Day by day, digital media is in trend as well as traditional media . The slices on the cake are increasing and we are trying to be one of these cake slices.

  • According to research, 57% of the world’s population uses the internet. In other words, there are 4.388 billion internet users.
  • 92% of users on the Internet use video watching sites. 58% watch television content on the internet.
  • There are 45% of the total population, that is, a total of 3.484 billion social media users.

Target Audience

You can make choices that suit your target audience in digital Austria Phone Numbers marketing operations. Many factors can be selected, such as demographic information, interests and age. With appropriate content and perception management, advertisements reach the places they need to be reached.

It was not known exactly how the results would be obtained with the cost incurred in traditional marketing methods. But in digital marketing, you can pay per customer if you want. Yes, if you are providing a service over the internet, you can use options such as fee-per-click.

With the right target audience selection , you can further reduce the cost and make it specific.

The investments made are dazzling. Although there are sources from 2018, we searched for quality and up-to-date sources.

  • According to the research conducted by AdEx-TR, the budget allocated to digital advertising was determined as 2.47 billion TL in 2018. Display ads are 1.41 billion TL
  • According to the Internet Advertising Investments Report , digital advertising expenditures rose to $49.5 billion worldwide in 2018.
  • Mobile ads make up 63% of digital ads.
  • With the statement made by the UK Travel industry, 42.4 billion dollars was spent on e-commerce in 2018.

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Recycling Spent

Thanks to digital marketing, you can track the recycling of your ads. You can determine the behavior of the people accessed. How many people have accessed your ads? How many people gave feedback? Which channel is more profitable? You can get answers to questions such as:

In this way, you can easily analyze the target audience and reduce the advertising costs gradually.

You can reach your customers directly thanks to the received e-mail information and mobile phones. The most used part of remarketing , that is, remarketing, is display advertising networks. Thanks to the system they use, the user who has done any research is shown relevant ads on other sites.

For example, after you search for shoes, you see a shoe advertisement on other sites.

You can market with small numbers. There is no need for high advertising budgets as in traditional marketing. If you want, you can step into digital marketing even with 20 TL.

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