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One Of The Essential Factors

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One Of The Essential Factors

For the proper functioning of a company is to get the marketing and sales departments to join forces and work together to pursue a common goal: to improve the business strategy of the company. What is sales enablement? Sales enablement is a concept that is often translated as “sales training”. However, this translation can lead to error since it should not be limited to a training process, nor should it only affect the sales department. Sales enablement is the process of providing your company’s sales team with the resources they need to close more deals.

These resources may include content, tools, knowledge, and information to effectively sell your product or service to customers. These resources enable sales teams to perform their duties Belarus phone numbers and at greater speed. What is the sales enablement? A sales enablement strategy is your company’s approach to providing sales with the resources they need to sell effectively. This strategy is tailored to the specific needs of your sales team so they can target your audience and close more deals. These strategies must be: Make available to the sales team the most relevant content for each lead,

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process in which they are, and help present it in the best way in each situation. Train the sales team and measure the effectiveness of this training based on its results. Effectively communicate news and updates to the sales team, for example, regarding product news or new content. Teach managers and positions of responsibility to provide coaching to salespeople to reinforce training and promote good practices. Apply analytics to content and sales pitches to optimize them . Key elements of a sales enablement strategy

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We develop the elements to work with and define if we want to enable sales enablement in our company. Strategic alignment of the marketing and sales teams . In order to properly apply this type of discipline, it is essential to stop seeing marketing and sales as different teams with different objectives and understand them as professionals who work for a common goal, although at different stages of the process. Therefore, in the first place, it will be necessary to define common objectives between the two teams,

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Motivating both teams to work in the same direction should be a priority objective for the company. To achieve this unification, it is first necessary to create a buyer person. This fact will allow marketing actions correctly and will enable the components. Of the sales department to know how to discern a good lead from a bad one. The union between both departments is SMarketing . SMarketing is a word that makes up “ sales + marketing” . It is a method where the sales team and the marketing team need to come together to set up the lead generation strategy.

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