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Email Marketing Strategy Welcome Message

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Email Marketing Strategy Welcome Message

More and more users are gaining voice and companies direct all their strategies to please customers and give them what they want, meeting customer needs has become the strategy of any company that wants to be successful. One of the most important points to keep them happy is communication with them, it is very important to humanize yourself so that users see the brand nearby, if you do not have any type of communication with the client, they will not feel that closeness. One of the marketing strategies par excellence that meets these requirements is the welcome email, it ensures closeness from the first moment, which adds a supplement to making a good impression from the beginning.

What is a welcome email? This is the first contact of your brand with your potential client, once they register or subscribe to your newsletter , they receive the first email that will establish a first contact between the two, which has to be very well thought out in terms of content because it has Pakistan phone number get the user to be more curious about our brand, to be surprised or to be left wanting to consume our products or services. Now that you know what a welcome email is, we’ll tell you why it’s important to new users. First of all, the numbers don’t lie, and according to statistics, this type of email has an open rate of 50%, which is really high compared to other types of emails.

Only Do They Serve To Give A Good Impression

Of the brand and have a cordial first contact, the high beneficial percentages that it generates towards our brand are the main reason for sending this type of email. Going back to the statistics, those subscribers who have received the welcome email tend to interact with the brand 33% more than those who do not receive that welcome email. All this in addition to being able to awaken in the user a need such as buying a product or encouraging him to complete his profile or visit certain content on the web. 8 tips to create your welcome email 1.

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Take care when you send it You have to be quick when sending this type of email, if. The user has just to our newsletter, it is the ideal time to send it since he will continue to be online and it is very likely. That if he has just subscribed to our newsletter, he is inquiring more about our brand. You will be curious to know more about us and that email. Is the one that can clear your doubts or even encourage you to buy a product, a good idea is that this email. Is  automatically without the need to be aware of when users subscribe to. So you don’t miss an opportunity. 2. Personalize

We Return To The Same As Before

the most important thing in any strategy are the users since they are your potential customers , and it is not enough to just send them an email, they have to feel that you are sending it directly to them and that you are not sending it to everyone. world the same roll. How to get this? In a way as simple as adding the username within the email. This ensures that the message is not as cold as if you send the exact same message to everyone. To understand the importance of this better, we will see it in data, using the username in the title or body of the message increases the opening rate of the email by 20%,

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