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E-Book – “How to create a Marketing plan from scratch”

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E-Book – “How to create a Marketing plan from scratch”

I am pleased to share my free e-book to UK Business Phone List create a marketing plan from scratch. Through this ebook I have compiled all the parts that make up a marketing plan and examples to help you create yours.

What is a marketing plan

The marketing plan is a document through which we land the current situation of a company, its opportunities for improvement and the strategies and tactics that we are going to implement to meet the previously established objectives.


Marketing plan structure

The structure I use to create a marketing plan is as follows:

  • CURRENT SITUATION | The current situation is the phase where we audit and analyze the brand and its competition. Here we will have to invest several hours to extract data, land it and then interpret it.
  • PLAN | The plan phase is where we land the audience and design strategies and tactics. We can say that this part is crucial because it is where we create the solutions to the problems that the previous audit showed.
  • PLANNING AND BUDGETING | The last phase contains a timeline with next steps and the budget to implement the plan.

What does the e-book include

The e-book is about explaining all the steps you student mobile list need to create a good “marketing plan”,   without dying in the attempt. In this digital document you will find the following points:

  • Introduction e-book.
  • Introduction to the marketing plan.
  • Market audit and analysis.
  • Objective for your plan (the types and examples).
  • The audience to which you will target the marketing plan.
  • Strategies and tactics (here I not only explain what they are and how to create them, I also show you real examples).
  • Metrics
  • Summary of the marketing plan.
  • Schedule.
  • Marketing budget.

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