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Draw 2019 Index Jiangxi Phone Number

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Draw 2019 Index Jiangxi Phone Number

Does it? The people who have decided to be your followers is because they want to see content related to your products or services . Here we show you the personality test that laconicum did with us . This is a cosmetics brand and the campaign was called « what decade of beauty do you belong to? «. Laconicum_personality_test not very long if you want to get a high engagement rate. You can’t run a campaign with a lot of questions. Today. Users want everything imminently . So if you give them a personality test with 10 questions. The conversion of that action will be much lower than if the quiz had 5 questions Jiangxi phone number.

This is an example of a Jiangxi phone number campaign that only has 5 questions and doesn’t take much time to answer. Hello_personality_test simple questions if you have already reached this point and you know what (few) questions you are going to ask your users in a personality test . You have to know that these cannot be very long or difficult. If this has to be answered quickly you can’t put a quadratic equation in the question. More than half of the people Jiangxi phone number will abandon the campaign. Make it quick. Easy and simple and you will succeed! Vodafone_personality_test do not ask for a lot of personal information if your campaign manages to attract many users and they enter and answer all the questions. You cannot fail when asking for personal data . All companies want to get leads but you should not go overboard.

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If in order to participate in a raffle they asked you for your name. Surnames. Dni. Telephone number and account number. Would you participate? Surely not. Right? Well. The same would happen to your followers . Less is more! Here we leave you an example in which. If you want. You can Jiangxi phone number participate because it is a demo to find out what is the perfect gift for father’s day . Father_personality_test images in questions engaging content is king of the runway . Arouse eye contact in your personality test participants with images that accompany the answers. Cool tabs also gives you the option to accompany them with videos or gifs . Here we leave you an example. Of a demo.


To promote gay pride. Participates! Gay_pride_images_personality_test diffusion on the final screen . Encourage users to share their results with their friends. This will double the number of participants in your personality test. Cool tabs gives you the option to customize it however you like Jiangxi phone number. This example is from a children’s clothing brand in which users had to answer a quiz and based on their answers . They discovered which famous family they were. Vertbaudet_personality_test attractive prize the better the prize. The more entries you will get . Analyze the products that have sold the most in your business and make a draw in which users can win it. If. For example.

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You do not have a business dedicated to the sale of specific products. You can always raffle products that you know will work . Such as mobile phones. Tablets. Etc. Here we leave you the example of green cola . That to launch a new product on the market they made a raffle in which they raffled off an iphone. If you want to know more about the success that this brand had with the campaigns. We leave you here this post about its success story Jiangxi phone number. Custom end screens personality tests can be configured with the same final screen of results for everyone or set up with different final screens. Depending on the result obtained by each person.

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