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Don’t forget the basics: “on page” SEO

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Don’t forget the basics: “on page” SEO

Optimizing your site for UAE Phone Number List SEO is the basis of a good, effective SEO strategy. And that is not likely to change.This is also the norm, on-page SEO factors are an essential prerequisite to be able to figure prominently in the rankings. This involves in particular:Optimize your UAE Phone Number List titles and structure the content well (H1, H2, etc.Optimize images : Google cannot decipher the images on a site UAE Phone Number List without a little help. To do this, you just have to

fill in the tags of your images (in particular the “alt” tag)Get rid of dead links : These are links that lead to a page that no longer exists or whose address has changed. Watch out for these UAE Phone Number List links on your website! To check, you can simply use a free tool that scans your site for 404 errors: Use internal links : a well-designed internal link can propel the important pages of your site. Google robots especially appreciate “expressive” anchor texts UAE Phone Number List which

UAE Phone Number List

studentmobilelist allow easy interpretation of links. To go further, I advise you to learn about the notion of “semantic cocoon” or “silo”Recent studies show that when your site uses a secure protocol, namely an https connection, it could benefit from UAE Phone Number List better SEO from Google.Even if this criterion does not theoretically prevent it from being well referenced, be aware that Google displays an alert on sites that are not secure. It is therefore preferable to switch your site toSEO is a UAE Phone Number List strategy that cannot be carried out in the short term. The various optimizations are not taken into account instantly and the criteria change over time.Also note that the age of a site is also a criterion of credibility with Google even if it is not as UAE Phone Number List important as what you can read everywhere.In short, finding good links, posting content, making the site up to standards – all of this takes time. You cannot achieve good results overnight, progress will be steady and require persistence!In UAE Phone Number List 2020, more than ever, the success of your SEO requires hard and regular work!

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