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Do you want to switch from iPhone to Android? Google tells you how to switch

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Do you want to switch from iPhone to Android? Google tells you how to switch

A few weeks ago Apple published a guide for users who use Android to switch to iOS without losing their files. Now those of Mountain View have made a guide to migrate from the mobile operating system of those of Cupertino to Android.

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Google’s guidelines are very easy and unlike those Latvia Phone Number List published by Apple, these are reduced to four, so that users can migrate their photos, contacts, mail and applications.

The iOS user who wants to migrate must import their photos and music to the Google + cloud, which can be downloaded in iTunes and then make a self- backup of the files.

With Google Play Music Manager, user will be able to sync iTunes account data where music files are located.

To migrate the contacts, Google says that the user must go to the iCloud page and access from the Android mobile. There you will need to export the contacts as VCard, which will be downloaded into a folder. After that import them from Gmail.

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The switching of the mail is easier, because this only means that the user installs the application on your terminal and thus access Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail. As for iMessage, you just have to turn off the service before removing the SIM from the iPhone or iPad.

As for the applications, it only mentions that it has 1.3 million of them, so the user must download all the applications he uses, in the case of some such as Netflix, it Brother Cell Phone List only applies to start the service with the nickname and password that he has always used, it just doesn’t mention anything about payment methods.

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