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Do you know what a vlog is? Discover this video format and learn how to make a successful one

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Do you know what a vlog is? Discover this video format and learn how to make a successful one

Have you noticed an increase in the volume of videos on the internet? Well. According to statista . A website dedicated to gathering statistics about the internet. In 2021. 27% of internet users watched more than 10 hours of online videos per week .

In this scenario. One of the most popular video formats on the internet is the vlog. Have you heard? This modality has been very successful among youtubers in brazil and around the world.

In this article. You’ll find out what exactly a vlog is and why it’s so successful. In addition. We will show you all the steps to make your own vlog to rock the internet! Come on?

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what is a vlog?
What is the difference between blog. Blog and vlog?
Is it worth creating a vlog?
How to make a vlog?
6 tips for having a successful vlog
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what is a vlog?
Before videos became popular. Vlogs were called podcasts . A term used to refer to both audio and video posts. Today. The two have adopted their own nomenclature.

The term vlog is used to define video streamers even if they don’t use a blog. The vlog is posted by other media outlets such as youtube and more recently instagram’s igtv .

In addition to these social networks. Streamers have also been using tiktok as a vlog tool. The popularization of the chinese app has allowed it to reach a very large reach and. Therefore. Anyone who wants to produce videos to rock the internet already has an account there. And with the monetization options. It is possible to make money on the social network .

People who vlog

Called vloggers or vloggers. With the growth of social networks. They take advantage of other features as well. Such as live streams .

The vlog. Therefore. Is a mixture of blogs with streaming and are videos made in the first person. And the reason for its success is the fact that the vlogger speaks directly to his audience. In a very direct way. Which generates an identification between the person and the audience.

In addition. Videos can bring visual effects that Hungary Phone Number help the user experience. As well as having a greater ability to go viral. Which is one of the reasons why there are so many famous vloggers.

What is the difference between blog. Blog and vlog?
There are similar terms to vlog: blog and blog. Despite being written similarly. The terms are different.

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By now. You already know what a vlog is. Now it’s time to understand the definition of a blog: it is a space for written texts. With a more professional or personal character. In addition. These texts usually have a specific segment.

However. A blog post can go beyond text. As it can have images. Videos. Audios and even gifs. The content format will depend on the persona who consumes it and how they like to receive information. Generally speaking. Posts can be shared on platforms like wordpress.

The flog is a type of space for storing content in photo format. That is. The user takes photos and hosts them on specific platforms such as flickr. Picasa. Pinterest and instagram.

Therefore. The difference between the three terms has to do with the media and format used to convey information.

Is it worth creating a vlog?

The strategy of creating a vlog has several advantages. Starting with the large volume of people who watch videos today. As we mentioned at the beginning of the text.

Other advantages that a vlog provides are:

the much greater engagement power of this format compared to texts;
the ease of producing and publishing videos with cheaper equipment. Such as smartphones;
brand humanization: this is a way that businesses and entrepreneurs have to show the day-to-day and behind-the-scenes of the enterprise;
monetization on platforms such as youtube;
optimization of your brand positioning in search engines.
How to make a vlog?
Knowing the definition and advantages of a vlog. It’s time to understand how to make one. For that. We’ve put together 8 steps to help you. Check it out!


1. Choose a platform and create a channel
first. Choose a platform to host your videos and create an account. Keep in mind that youtube is the biggest video platform in the world. With millions — if not billions — of users.

This leads us to believe that the site has a huge reach. The site monetizes videos and has spent billions paying its partners in recent years. So consider opening a youtube channel. But also consider other platforms such as:

even not monetizing videos. These platforms are good options to have a good reach and conquer new audiences.

2. Plan your content
with the channel created. It is necessary to define and plan the contents. To do this. Set the video theme according to your niche. Create a publishing calendar. Set the length and regularity of the videos. And more.



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