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Determine What We Want to Express, What We Want to Provoke

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Determine What We Want to Express, What We Want to Provoke

Illustration what is the color wheel and how to combine colors 07222022 it is a color tool but what is the color wheel really for and how many and what are the colors Yes, the color wheel is one of those concepts that you need to know when you start to dabble in any form of visual art. To put it simply if colors were words, the color wheel would be the alphabet, exactly what you need to speak a certain language well.

What is the color wheel and how to combine colors 1 the color wheel is made up of 12 colors. What is the color wheel the color wheel is a tool that gives us an orderly and circular representation of colors . It is composed of 12 colors based on the rgb system , that is, red, green and blue red, green and blue.


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Its location is immovable because it gives us key e-commerce photo editing information in the creative process it shows us where they come from and how the colors were formed. Primary, secondary and tertiary colors the first generation, the primary colors , give rise to the name of the system. These colors are red, yellow and blue. Then come the secondary ones, which derive from their combinations, such as green, which is a mixture of blue with. Yellow, and violet, which is produced by combining red and blue.

Then there are the tertiaries . The names of the tertiary colors are taken from. The primary colors, and the last name from the secondary colors, for example, redorange. The chromatic circles can be represented in steps or in gradient. Staggered ones, in particular, have different amounts of colors depending on who makes them, usually 12 or 24 but can be as many as 48 or even more.

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Keep it simple with monochrome harmonies

What is the color wheel and how to combine Student Mobile List colors 4 with color wheels you can explore tones and intensities. What is the color wheel for The chromatic circle helps us understand and. Visualize all the colors at the same time, while allowing us to locate the harmonies. Next, its helpful in understanding why some shades. Work with each other, blend well, and end up making it easier for palettes to work. To put it briefly, it is about visually summarizing how. The colors behave and how they dialogue with each other, which makes everything easier when using them.

The importance of this understanding is not only. Aesthetic or technical, it is also part of the processes that help us express emotions. There is, in fact, a psychology of color that studies and organizes. The meaning and emotions that each hue awakens in the viewer. When we know the symbolism and the way each color range acts narratively. We can decide what kind of palette to use for each project, and consciously.

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