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Descubren bacteria anticancerígena en el pulque

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Descubren bacteria anticancerígena en el pulque

According to a statement from the India Phone Number List scientists María Elena Sánchez Pardo, from the National School of Biological Sciences (ENCB), Edgar Torres Maravilla, a graduate of the ENCB, Luis Bermúdez Humarán, a graduate of the India Phone Number List Autonomous University of Nuevo León and Director of Research at the INRAE. As well as Langella Philipe, from INRAE, they found Lactobacillus brevis, a microbe that prevents the proliferation of colon cancer cells by up to 40 percent.”Lactobacillus brevis has an effect similar to that of the drug 5 India Phone Number List -fluorouracil, without causing any adverse effect on healthy cells,” Dr. Sánchez Pardo told IPN. “Having obtained India Phone Number List the patent motivates us to continue with this line of research around traditional Mexican fermented beverages. In which it is possible to find lactic acid bacteria India Phone Number List with probiotic properties that help to take care of the health of the population ”, he concluded.

The researcher at the Polytechnic explained that the India Phone Number List studies were carried out in France by Dr. Torres Maravilla. Which also tested the effect of lactic acid bacteria in an animal model of colon cancer, in which it corroborated the anticancer responseA big step to fight the diseaThis is a very important scientific achievement that opens the possibility of having a safe treatment against colon cancer,” he said. He stressed that collaboration and knowledge India Phone Number List sharing are essential for the advancement of science.

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“This advance is proof student mobile list  of it, Edgar Torres Maravilla was my student in the master’s and doctorate in Chemical-Biological Sciences at the ENCB, he went on an India Phone Number List exchange to the INRAE ​​and concluded that the strain Lactobacillus sanfranciscensis, derived from pulque, has a potential effect to treat Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), he published this result in an international journal, he obtained a doctorate degree and is now a collaborating scientist India Phone Number Listat INRAE ​​in France, “he said.

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