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Customer Loyalty in Addition to

Operating performance . 12.  Two examples of marketing automation are drip campaigns and social media management software such as mLabs. Hootsuite and PostGrain. among many others. 13. Opening rate It is the percentage of users who opened a specific email. For years. open rate was the top email engagement tracker. This long-standing tool has faced challenges in recent months because of Mail Privacy

rate . refers to the number Sweden Phone Number of links clicked among those who opened the email. 14. Pay per click (PPC) This is a form of advertising. often associated with search engines and banner ads. in which an advertiser is charged based on how many people click on a link. rather than paying a flat fee. This was a revolutionary concept at the beginning of the Internet age because it allowed for more personalized campaigns than would be possible through billboards and television ads (examples of media that charge

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flat fees). 15. Programmatic Ads Advertising that is placed on a website without human intervention. based on a set of pre-determined rules. This basic concept can be adapted in a number of ways. allowing advertisers to target specific types of users and set ground rules for how This is a controversial place: many marketers believe that people are less likely to see the message if it arrives

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go back. A huge trend in 2022 is to partner with micro -influencers who have a smaller following in a specific area of interest. Your target market is typically more depended on than influencers with 10. 000+ followers. Social media structures aid this fashion by means of starting up specific e-trade capabilities to all users.  As a result main to more affiliate partnerships on a smaller scale. Tip: Partner with micro-influencers who align together with your area of interest and brand values. Track your engagements and attain to ensure it’s a worthwhile partnership and your logo gets the eye of a new audience. 6. Video content material will keep to attract attention Social media

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Conclusion We hope that this “mini-glossary” of digital marketing terms has expanded your vocabulary. We know that it is not an easy task to keep up with so many expressions and foreign expressions. Either way. ignoring this upgrade need can be costly. In a market that never stops evolving. deciding to stop in time is a fatal mistake. Therefore. be sure to follow the movements made by digital marketing.

it is important to choose reliable sources of information and follow them. K2 ‘s blog. presents new content every week. dealing with issues related to the main trends in digital marketing and the most used audio and video technologies today. The thousands of subscribers to our newsletter receive an invitation to read the latest article in their emails every week. Trust me: for them. understanding the terms of digital marketing is not something that keeps them awake at night. Invitation made. Request your subscription to the newsletter here .

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