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Coworking as an alternative to empty offices

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Coworking as an alternative to empty offices

Phone Number List At a time when real estate prices are skyrocketing, especially in large cities, SMEs and large companies are turning to new alternatives to house their employees. The coworking comes off the lot and allows sharing of workspaces and access to a wide range of services that are attracting more and more employees.Subletting offices or a workstation for VSEs , SMEs and large groups is now rushing towards coworking formulas when they have to manage the mobility of their teams. Indeed, coworking allows above all to have good flexibility a Phone Number Lis t start-up, because we do not have to take care of a daily lease contract and to be more flexible when the company idevelopment phaseRace r Phone Number List

esults: companies are no longer required to change premises when teams increase in numbers. With the coworking space , they can now pay attention to their budget as the prices are set per workstationAt the very beginning, coworking in Paris offered fairly tight prices. However, with th Phone Number List advent of the big names in the sector, the market has become more dynamic in Auvergne-Rhône, Alps, starting with Lyon, which highlights around fifty shared workspaces, but also modern and urban centers. such as Saint-Étienne, Grenoble or Clermont-Ferrand.The very wide offer ranges from coworking cafes to large spaces known as Morning . There are also formulas offered by nurseries, incubators, fablabs and other places.

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studentmobilelist Companies use coworking spaces to accommodate a few employees, but it can happen in certain cases that they set up their headquarters there. They quickly realize the additional costs that would represent the management of consumables, cleaning, maintenance, equipmentPhone Number List repairs ..In addition to an ecosystem favorable to the well-being of employees, employees will be able to have Coworking spaces are growing like mushrooms Phone Number Listin Switzerland and especially in Normandy. Recently completed project, the 2,300 m² inaugurated at the end of September in Lausanne. Only reservations for individual spaces are possible, while closed offices are all rentedLarge offices easily find tenants because they are too large for Phone Number List many businesses. In this context, the rental is therefore more expensive compared to a smaller place.According to Vasco Cecchini, PSP communications manager: “the current market is favorable to tenants”. For example, the Zug group currently has a total area of ​5,100 m² dedicated to coworking in Phone Number List Basel and Zurich. This represents 1% Phone Number Lisof the real estate turnover of PSP which includes offices at 60%. By the end of June, the vacancy rate may rise to 8.7%.

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