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Companies And Brands Finland Phone Number

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Companies And Brands Finland Phone Number

Oscars 2020 pool oscars 2020 pool quiniela oscars 2020 of canal hollywood other interactive campaigns for the oscars 2022 a pool is not the only mechanism that you can implement to launch your campaign focused on the 2022 oscars. To inspire you. We have chosen several online actions that can work very well to launch your campaign related to the famous hollywood awards. 1. A movie trivia the big movie night is a good opportunity to entertain and test your users. To see if they are up to date on movie releases. You can launch a trivia with questions about curious facts about the nominated films. The history of oscars. The actors or some hollywood anecdote Finland phone number.

These types of actions are Finland phone number very juicy and are usually shared very easily. Encourage participants to challenge their friends. So that the campaign is shared on networks and goes viral. Movie trivia movie trivia cool tab quiz 2. Personality test: what famous movie would you be the protagonist of? One of the funniest dynamics you can do is set up a personality test. In addition. As with trivia. It is one of the most viral mechanics. Finland phone number You can pose different tests. So that users discover: which nominated movie would you star in?. Which actor/actress would be your co-star?. Or what look would you wear on the red carpet according to your personality? And as in the pool.

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We recommend that you include a simple participation form with the data you want to obtain from the participants Finland phone number and that you carry out a small raffle among all the participants. As a reward. Free oscar pool 3. A movie matching card the 2022 oscars are a good excuse to entertain your audience with games. The classic card game . In which pairs must be related . Is perfect for the occasion. In this way. The participants will have to match nominated films with the leading actors or actresses. And to add more excitement to the game. You can set a time limit for responding . When choosing winners. You can choose to reward only the fastest or make a random draw among all users.

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Memory card game amc memory card game 4. Post-oscars 2022 voting the walk of the nominees on the red carpet. The speeches of the winners and the parties after the oscars attract the same or Finland phone number more attention than the awards themselves. For this reason. Another mechanic that you can do is an oscars 2022 post-award vote. The object of the vote… infinite! The most and least successful looks . The best speeches. The funniest moments of the gala or the most unfair losers are some of the votes that you can make. Oscar awards hola.

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Launching a direct giveaway is a great option. You just have to decide which social network you want to give a little push with your giveaway (facebook. Twitter or instagram). For the dynamics of the raffle. You can propose to users. For example. That they comment on a publication Finland phone number who would be their companion to the oscars or who they would give the prize for “the most movie”. Thus. In addition to increasing your audience . Attracting new followers. You will be able to increase your engagement . Oscar raffle whenever you have a simple prize and little time or if your brand is not entirely related to the world of cinema. This type of campaign is perfect. In addition.

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