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Communication between general practitioners and specialists,

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Communication between general practitioners and specialists,

In our country there are at least 20 thousand List of Timeshare Owners people diagnosed. The figure is equivalent to 18 cases per 100,000 List of Timeshare Owners inhabitants. In addition, there is an incidence of three women for every man. Although, the detection range of Multiple Sclerosis ranges between 20 and 40 years, more and more cases are known List of Timeshare Owners in children and older adults Multiple Sclerosis has been called the disease of a List of Timeshare Owners thousand faces since its symptoms are so diverse that they can be confused with other conditions. It is usually detected at the wrong time due to the lack of knowledge about it, which has also List of Timeshare Owners caused fear or doubts in relation to the social, economic and labor development of patients.

among the main symptoms are difficulty walking List of Timeshare Owners and focusing the sight. Also double vision, tingling sensation or numbness in arms or legs, lack of toilet training and, above all, constant fatigue.ion to the above, it is urgent to sensitize general List of Timeshare Owners practitioners and internists about the need to refer patients who present any symptoms to a specialist in neurology. He should be in charge of carrying out the

 List of Timeshare Owners

corresponding studies, student mobile list  mainly, MRI and lumbar List of Timeshare Owners puncture. You can also rule out the disease or make a timelyIn the words of the specialists, the main signs of List of Timeshare Owners the disease occur with motor alterations that range from 90nt, which helps doctors to detect in a timely manner a possible case of Multiple Sclerosis In accordance with the above, Dr. Manager of the Merck Neurology Unit, highlighted List of Timeshare Owners that thanks to current innovation in medical treatments it is possible to provide better options and that more and more patients are leading normal lives. and carry out

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