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Cinépolis digital box office falls and demonstrates

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Cinépolis digital box office falls and demonstrates

For a couple of hours, both the India Phone Number List application and the Cinépolis website presented problems, which were cause for complaint by users and for which the company went out to say on its social networks that they were doing everything India Phone Number List possible to solve it at the same time. brevity, however, this did not lessen the annoyance of the users.The Mexican cinema chain asked users to buy their tickets at the box office, as was done India Phone Number List before the digital age, however, there were users who reproached that in branches such as Plaza Universidad there are no ticket offices with staff since those that are found in the cinema are India Phone Number List only electronic, which were “insufficient” when there are many people.

Also, some users criticized that the ticket sales India Phone Number List were made from the candy store since there are many people who only look for a ticket, but there are those who take longer to decide what other products to buy.As if this was not enough, the India Phone Number List fans of the chain pointed out that this is not the first time that Cinépolis’ digital platforms have presented problems, since since the update of the application there were deficiencies so they demanded India Phone Number List that it be fixed soon or they would end by delete it.The quality of the post-covid opening India Phone Number List products is lousy, stale, stale and cold food, nothing cheap. If I am paying a high price, the minimum that is asked as a client is the quality of the product

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According to student mobile list figures provided by the Cinematography Association, during 2020, cinemas around the world barely exceeded 12 billion dollars in revenue, a figure well below the 42 billion dollars reached during 2019, which undoubtedly it was a reflection of the coronavirus health crisis In Mexico, large exhibitors such as Cinépolis and Cinemex had to close different movie theaters India Phone Number List in the face of the crisis brought on by the pandemic and the restrictions on openlas due to Covid-19, so the National Chamber of the Cinematographic Industry the exhibition industry India Phone Number List in The country registered an 81 percent drop in 2020 as it went from selling 352 million tickets in 2019 to just 66 million during the year the pandemic began.

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