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Changes in consumption patterns at POS

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Changes in consumption patterns at POS

The arrival of the coronavirus has Email List of Christian Churches  been an extraordinary test because the complexity of everything that has resulted is not less, according to the financial advisor, Marco Carrera, every business is in the disruptive of reinventing itself or extinguishing itself. “Many businesses have their tradition, their theory and practice of sales and operations, but this came to change the entire business scheme and in the face of the Covid 19 issue, there are businesses that choose to extinguish themselves if they are not transformed.” During the confinement, people were supplied with groceries and demanded other products and services by spending more time at home where the defects or needs of the home already existed became more evident; This benefited businesses dedicated to home improvement, hardware, DIY and building materials. The migration to remote work also increased the demand for office supplies to prepare the home for the home office and virtual classes.

However, there were other sectors that could not emerge due to the lack of sales and thus little or no liquidity. “The important thing in all of this is that the department store, the supermarket, the small business, the service agency, can review their production or sales fundamentals with which they can get ahead, they have to review how they used to did and if that premise is still valid, or not. And based on that, review what the new plan or new business perspective is going to be, ”said the economist for those businesses that have suffered losses. In this same context of losses, the pandemic crisis also generated a drop of 12.5 million jobs, just in the first months of the health crisis, according to Inegi, which means another benchmark in economic behavior. And from this type of impact arises the need in the management of resources both by the consumer and by the business side.

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“If you are going to reinvent student mobile list yourself, you must be very careful in how to manage your budget so that precisely not because of the argument or the flag that you have to reinvent yourself you get into bigger problems that end up in substantial debt, it is important that you review where you are going to modify your compass and then define how much it will cost you and what will be your availability of that flow so that you can design your operating model “, Marco Carrera pointed out, since at this time, to a greater or lesser extent, we are all paying bills of the pandemic. Each sector of the industries was faced with understanding a different consumer profile in the face of the changes that their needs underwent. To understand these patterns, companies have carried out new market studies that inform them of what is happening in the environment where they develop and operate. The InformaBTL Research Editorial Department conducted a study involving 312 men and 444 women, which found the New Normal Consumption Habits.

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