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changed radically and has continued to change imperceptibly

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changed radically and has continued to change imperceptibly

Coffee Shops Business Email List . Most Instagram users do not know it but since June 2016 . The algorithm of this social network changed . Radically and has continued to change imperceptibly almost every day. The other big changes have been in mid-2018 and now at the beginning of 2019 . Making each account have different results depending on the behavior of the user and his followers.This represented a big change, since initially . The people who followed you could see and receive all the publications you made. without restrictions but today have discovered that there is a . Range that goes between 7% and 15% (approximately) of your . Followers will see your posts the rest will not.

almost every day the other big changes have been in mid

Coffee Shops Business Email List . It is a mathematical equation that establishes the priority of the publications . Stories and featured hashtags) that are shown. Each time a user enters the application from their smartphone or tablet (the result of the algorithm is different if this is . Managed social network from a computer or computer).The most relevant thing is that the operation is different for each user that . Imagine that you and a friend follow exactly the same 200 . Have you imagined it? , because the publications of the people who both follow will always appear differently. Because it is the behavior of the users within this social network and your behavior when using it .

now at the beginning of making each account have different results depending

Student Mobile List Coffee Shops Business Email List .Which determines the priority of some publications over others.I leave you the formula of the algorithm expressed graphically for a better understanding of how it . Works (image created for this post by visual marketing specialist . As I have shown in the experiments and studies carried out with my team during the . In recent months the current algorithm seeks to achieve greater control over. What users receive in their due to this important detail. You will have to take into account all the elements that you have seen in the image of the formula. I leave you several tips based on what I have found. By the way I will be explaining all this in depth during the next Barcelona ‘ workshop.

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