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CDMX blame the doctor and brutally beat him

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CDMX blame the doctor and brutally beat him

There are many risks involved in being a Medical Mail List doctor and it is not only limited to the current situation caused by the pandemic. At all times this profession has been complicated because it implies having the lives of other people in your hands. While one of Medical Mail List the most complicated issues is when there is a diagnosis that is not favorable. Even more difficult is having to suffer the loss of a patient. They are quite recurring aspects that Medical Mail List occur within the work.In this sense, it is always necessary to remember that despite high training, doctors

are human and cannot perform miracles. Even if they do their best, sometimes they can’t do everything. While at the opposite extreme there are also doctors Medical Mail List who do not act in a good way and it can lead to fatal actions with legal consequences.Although regardless of the setting, violence can never be tolerated. Nothing justifies attacking another person and Medical Mail List it was precisely a painful situation that occurred inside a clinic in Mexico CityEverything was generated this 31st of major in the Edybe Medical Clinic specialized in performing cosmetic surgeries.

Medical Mail List

young 27-year-old Hilary Heredia came to student mobile list the place, attracted by a Medical Mail List promotion in which several interventions were offered at a special priceThe problem was that the service was not as expected and led to the death of the patient. So far it has not been possible to clarify the reason for the death.The situation became even more dangerous when the bad news Medical Mail List was passed on to the patient’s relatives. A security camera located in the waiting room shows the exact moment in which several people threw themselves at the doctor and beat Medical Mail List him repeatedly.While according to the investigation folder, the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) detained the doctor responsible for carrying out the operations. Although the Attorney General Medical Mail List of Mexico City released him, the case remains open.


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