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Building Customer Trust Is Key To Your Brand’s Future

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Building Customer Trust Is Key To Your Brand’s Future

Business is getting emotional when it comes to customer experience strategies. . Rather than viewing customers as essentially rational in their decision making, the role of emotion in our decision making has received an increasing amount of attention and consideration. It is also a key component of building customer trust.

The collaboration of fields and disciplines such as marketing, psychology, behavioral economics, and neuroscience have opened this relatively new view of consumer behavior, essentially flipping the dominant understanding of human nature. Aristotle declared the human being to be a rational animal.

However, humans are emotional beings. So, it follows that customer



Neuroscientist Anthony Damasio developed Belgium Phone Number a concept that he calls a somatic marker. The way it works is that an emotional experience – positive or negative – makes a lasting impression on our mind and memory, and it stored in such a way that it becomes part of a massive network of associations. This is so that the next time a potentially similar situation arises, our brain uses past experience to make quick intuitive decisions about how to handle this new situation, to engage or avoid. This all happens very quickly,

You probably didn’t need a neuroscientist to tell you



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that emotion plays an incredibly large and important part of our lives. But it doesn’t hurt to have that confirmation. This, of course, applies to consumer behavior. Positive or negative experiences with your brand will either strengthen or erode consumer perception of your brand, whether engagement with your marketing and branding efforts or buying your product or dealing with your customer service after the sale.

Building customer trust and loyalty with a positive emotional connection
An increasingly important part of your customer’s emotional perception of your brand involves how much they feel able to trust your company. Earning and building customer trust has never been so necessary, but is also so easy to lose.

Feelings factor in every aspect of your customer’s evaluation of your brand.

Consumer trust plummeted between 2016 and 2018, according to Gartner, with the greatest loss of trust among Millennials and multicultural consumers in the U.S.

However, challenges are also opportunities.

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