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Breastfeeding is the best way to prevent allergies

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Breastfeeding is the best way to prevent allergies

He stressed that the diagnosis and treatment Loan Officer Email List of allergies from childhood, is an ideal age to radically modify the natural history Loan Officer Email List of serious diseases and complications, therefore the importance of exclusively feeding the mother’s womb during the first six months of life, and avoid consumption of allergens such as eggs, cow’s milk Loan Officer Email List and legumes in the early stages of weaning.

Most frequent allergiesAmong the most important factors tha Loan Officer Email List t influence the increase in the number of allergic diseases are “urbanization, environmental Loan Officer Email List pollution and a diet with a predominance of processed products, said the Head of the Immunology and Allergology Service of the National Medical Center (CMN)” 20 of November ”, María Eugenia Vargas Camaño , who said that there are also a large number of mechanisms with molecular scientific Loan Officer Email List explanations involved in making this happen.

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He exemplified that in some student mobile list countries where children are Loan Officer Email List given industrialized milk and are not weaned, they can develop the so-called “atopic march” or complication of allergic diseases that begins with atopic dermatitis, then rhinitis appears and later Loan Officer Email List asthma, generating a complex syndromeCoffee Could Prevent 100,000 Liver-Related DeatScientific studies from the National Academy of Medicine estimate that between 5 and 20 percent Loan Officer Email List of Mexicans have suffered from one or more allergieOne of the most prevalent allergies is asthma , which has become an important public health problem in Mexico, to the extent that according Loan Officer Email List to reports from the Ministry of Health (SSa) 7 percent of the population suffers from it and 80 percent of affected adults manifested symptoms from the first five years of life, while rhinitis is Loan Officer Email List the most common allergic disease on the planet.


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