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Before Starting a Campaign.

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Before Starting a Campaign.

Social media. these are not very common features. They are typically only supported by browser-based webinar platforms. not those that require a software download. Most of the time. webinars run on the app in a virtual meeting room. You can usually customize the interface with your branding. but the options remain limited in terms of layout and scope. 5. Audience engagement When it comes to interacting with the audience during the event. webinars and live streams are very similar. However. there are some important differences. ? Both options work well with live chat features to answer questions or comments from the

audience during the France Phone Number event. Still. you’ll have more flexibility with a live stream. If you are able to embed the live stream player on your website. then you can implement any other chat tool alongside it. ? In contrast. webinar platforms have built-in chat features. and the webinar video feed often cannot be separated from the chat feature. That means you’re stuck with whatever chat functionality comes with your webinar platform. Despite the lack of flexibility. the chat features of webinar platforms are perfect for typical Q&A sessions or

Gathering Feedback From

callouts such as in-player calls to action and customizable post-play screens to drive engagement after the event is over. ? However. webinars often have some extra audience engagement features like “raise your hand”. voting. reactions. polls or polls which are not common among live streaming providers. If you want lots of resources to help encourage your viewers to participate. webinar software is the way to go. 6. Video quality For certain events. video quality can be critical. Live streaming has an advantage over webinars in this particular category. ? Live streams can be up to 1080p. while webinars are usually restricted to 720p.

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Even though both formats are technically HD. the 1080p version will look sharper. especially on larger screens. If your viewers are watching your event on a large TV or monitor. this is an important consideration . This particular distinction will likely disappear over time. Some webinar platforms already support 1080p video in their larger plans. We expect that in the near future this will become common in lower price ranges. In addition to HD formats. live streams offer a few more advantages for video quality. For example. you can apply color grades. add transitions or special effects. and customize graphics on the fly. These effects are

Audience. In Most Cases. Live Streams and

handled through live video encoding software (encoders) such as OBS and others. Latency While live streams and webinars are considered real-time. the truth is that they are not exactly the same. Webinars are. by and large. exactly in real time – like a video chat: As soon as you speak. your words reach viewers without any noticeable delay. In comparison. live streams have a small amount of latency . which typically ranges from 10 to 30 seconds. The difference is in the way live streams and webinars are processed and

delivered online. ?To allow for better quality. live streams undergo additional processing before the video is sent to viewers. Webinars. on the other hand. prioritize the immediate delivery of the video over its quality. Whether or not latency matters to your event typically boils down to the level of interactivity of the audience you’re targeting . More latency can make it difficult to respond directly to viewers. A good solution is to compile questions or feedback during the event and answer them at the end. 7. Content The most important part of an event is. without a doubt. the content . That is. what are you talking about and how are you

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