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Beef free burgers: Burger King’s strategy to impact the market in India

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Beef free burgers: Burger King’s strategy to impact the market in India

Perhaps for many, a hamburger chain that offers everything except beef or pork burgers may be a complete contradiction to the essence of the dish. However, for Burger King , excluding some products from its menu means a marketing strategy to enter a new market.

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According to information from The Wall Street Journal Argentina Phone Number List published by the Consumerist portal , the popular fast food chain is preparing its expansion to India with a menu completely free of beef in its famous hamburgers.

Through a post on its Facebook page , the company clarified that despite not having beef or pork in their dishes, they have options “that will delight all customers.” In this way the Chicken Whopper (chicken), the Mutton Whopper (lamb meat) and a Vegetable Whopper were born to impact -and to adapt to the culture- of this Asian country.

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The chain’s new products are accompanied by a strong campaign on social networks. It should be mentioned that the strategy of completely removing beef and pork products from the menu can be more than beneficial for the chain, especially considering the image of respect for religious practices that the movement projects.

Although in its publication , the portal did not clarify whether these products will be incorporated in the same way to the western market, some users of social networks Brother Cell Phone List began to express disagreement by saying that “a hamburger without hamburger meat is not a real hamburger”, however this It does not seem to matter to the directors of the brand, who plan – according to local Indian media – to open 12 restaurants in the next 3 months .

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