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Should I Sell Azerbaijan Phone Number

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Should I Sell Azerbaijan Phone Number

Finally, Amazon will ask you questions Azerbaijan Phone Number about your industry. Your organization, and any “additional information” to support. Your application and your website address (if applicable). Likewise, the more business information you provi, the faster your Azerbaijan Phone Number application will be process. Generally speaking, Amazon only looks for serious sellers who will follow through and actually make money. So if you already have a track record of running a successful online business, be sure to let Azerbaijan Phone Number Amazon know. After opening an account, you will be limit to selling only 10 different designs.

T-shirts or Hoodies Azerbaijan Phone Number

In the beginning, Amazon was testing Azerbaijan Phone Number whether you could actually sell something. However, once you’ve made at least 10 sales , you’ll be plac in a tiered system where you have the right to upload more designs. With this tier system, Amazon forces you to prove Azerbaijan Phone Number to upload more items to their system. It’s also worth mentioning that Amazon will automatically remove any unsold designs within 365 days of launch. In general, the more designs you have, the more chances you have of making money. Items subject Azerbaijan Phone Number to Amazon rules rule You must strictly adhere to Amazon’s terms and conditions when uploading your designs.

What Designs Sell Well Azerbaijan Phone Number

Azerbaijan Phone Number

First, your work must adhere to the Azerbaijan Phone Number following guidelines. 15″W x 18″H Transparent Background 300 dpi PNG file (for example, 4500 x 5400 pixels) Export as sRGB File size must be less than 25MB Additionally, Amazon is extremely strict in enforcing copyright Azerbaijan Phone Number infringement, and it is guilty until proven innocent. When you sell clothing that contains a design or slogan, you must check the trademark database to ensure that the design belongs to you and that you have the right to use the design for commercial purposes. Without exception! If you use someone else’s knowledge correctly on your POD items, you will be bann or even sued by Amazon.

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