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As Well As Being Able To Unify

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As Well As Being Able To Unify


them quickly. Immediacy and status of messages Like its standard version, Whatsapp Business provides immediate delivery of messages, as well as viewing its status to check if the message was sent, received and read. Whatsapp on the web It offers the convenience of simplifying tasks by being able to be downloaded to any computer through Whatsapp Web. Internal communication medium This option allows you to reduce costs, since it allows instant communication with employees when they are out of town , apart from the fact that it can be used as a means to send motivational messages to the team.

statistics Measuring the impact is a very important step, which reveals relevant information related to the messages, indicating the amount sent, delivered and read in a certain period of time . How to Peru phone number up a business account? The next step, after downloading the application through the Play Store, is to create a Whatsapp Business account and configure the business profile: Enter the name of the company , making sure it is spelled correctly, as it cannot be changed later. Indicate the exact physical address of the company. Provide company website and social media profiles if you have them.

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offer to meet the needs of customers (products / services). Indicate the opening hours . Describe what the purpose of the business is . With the information provided, potential customers will be able to locate you more easily. How to use WhatsApp Business? To implement WhatsApp Business successfully, it is necessary to follow the following steps: Segment your database. To make the most of leads , it is necessary to prepare a database to segment your customers according to type and thus offer them personalized communication . Define the message and style.

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In this step, not only the text should be taken into account. But also creativity and originality, using in your favor the various formats and sending files. That WhatsApp Business supports, and even the use of emojis. Avoid becoming spam. For this you can program the shipments. And ensure that they are messages of interest to the user. So attractive that they want to share them with their contacts. Prepare your contact list. You should not create groups to share the messages, but contact lists according to. The type of client or degree of loyalty , with this action you will be able to share fully personalized messages.

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the General Data Protection Law. Get the most out of your profile Every business profile must be attractive so that it can appear on social networks, and in the case of WhatsApp Business, it is worth following the following tips: Pick a good profile picture. That is distinctive of your brand and you can adapt on special occasions. Update your status regularly. With relevant information of interest to the user, such as recent news about the brand, news, schedules, contests, among others. Keep in mind that the states represent a trend in terms of marketing.

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