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Another Important Factor To Highlight

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Another Important Factor To Highlight



Is that every day more and more brands or products sign up to advertise through these media, achieving higher levels of audience, positioning and engagement. This is reflected by the Andimol-Inbound Marketing page in its article “Why do social networks help you sell your product?”. Therefore, not using these tools would be a devastating way to fall further and further behind. Success stories with Facebook Video Ads If you manage to use videos, in an appropriate way, as part of your digital marketing strategy, it can become a key communication tool. Which will allow you to connect with your potential customers, in addition to giving your company a great boost .

But why is this technique so effective? The answer is simple, these days, our pace of life is so fast that we prefer to go to the internet to find solutions of all kinds. And the main reason is because we want Senegal phone number information to reach us more quickly and efficiently. For this reason, today, the use of videos is the real king as a tool to achieve effective advertising. As indicated in his blog by Otto Duarte in his article “Facebook Ads for ecommerce in depth” By now you must be convinced that Facebook Video Ads is a fundamental and necessary communication strategy for any company.

If You Still Have Doubts About It

know these aspects that definitely prove it: Users prefer to see than to read : Susana Galeano, in her article ” The number of Internet users in the world exceeds 50% of the population: 4,000 million (2018)” points out that there are statistics that indicate that 60% of the Users go to the internet because they prefer to watch a video rather than read content. In addition, Valeria Landivar assures in the article “24 figures on the importance of video in 2016” published on her blog, that 50% of people state that they better retain information in this way. Greater permanence on websites :

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visits, as well as the permanence of the users on the pages. That contain videos are   6 in relation to those that do not. It represents a safe bet : Due to the boom and user search for this type of advertising. It is that the content on this format more and more. The Antevenio blog in its article “The 15 digital marketing statistics that in 2018” indicates that due to this, 95% of marketing strategies on this. They become viral : The Puro Marketing blog in its article “The speed of viralization of online videos doubles” ,

Declares That More Than 40% Of Users

share videos that they see through social networks such as Facebook, becoming viral quickly. Jair López, in his article “Firms increase their sales by up to 60% with digital marketing” published. In the blog of the newspaper El Financiero, indicates that there are statistics that express data. In relation to what the companies that began to use this tool noticed an increase. Of at least 40% in your sales. How to create a campaign? Due to the importance. And transcendence that the use of Facebook Video Ads can have within a digital marketing strategy ,

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