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Although this may seem inadvisable at first it is actually the best

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Although this may seem inadvisable at first it is actually the best

Way to achieve more and better sales. For both inbound sales and inbound marketing, you have to focus all your efforts on the marketing flywheel, which divided into 3 stages that rotate as if they a wheel, since each one supports the other to move forward. Attract: The aim to reach “strange users” with valuable content, so that they eventually learn how the brand’s products can help them. Interact: Strange users become prospects when they show interest in what the brand offers. Here you seek to interact with them and solve their problems.

Delight Once they decide to buy prospects become customers

Whom you have to offer an outstanding Kuwait Phone Number after-sales service, so that they talk to their acquaintances about their good buying experience. Flywheel de inbound marketing In turn, this methodology uses various digital marketing strategies. For example: Content marketing —also known as content marketing— is done to create informative content of value to the customer, which shared on various channels, such as a blog on your website or your social media accounts.

So that the contents of the blog seen by users, they optimized with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques, to position keywords —keywords— related to the business, and thus the web pages appear in the first results of Google. In social networks, the management of the brand’s communities is seen, reviewing the responses and comments of the shared content, creating conversation and achieving a position in the mind of the consumer.

Email marketing seeks to nurture users who have already

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Left their data with more personalized information, to converse with them and do the convincing task. And with marketing automation , workflows created with emails and other marketing, sales, and service processes. This saves a lot of valuable time for your team. How does inbound sales work? But how does all this inbound marketing work in sales? How should your sales team aligned? Here we detail some essential aspects.

The buyer’s journey in inbound sales Another concept that is important to clear about inbound sales is the buyer’s journey, also known as the buyer’s journey. The buyer’s journey is about the path that the user travels when they going to buy a product or service, from the discovery of their need or problem, the consideration of the best solutions, to the purchase action. And —precisely— its 3 stages : discovery, consideration and decision.

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