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All We Need to Know About Mcdonalds’ Digital Marketing Strategy

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All We Need to Know About Mcdonalds’ Digital Marketing Strategy

Back in 1948, the first McDonalds Company was in San Bernardino, California.  Therefore At this moment, McDonalds is the one of the world’s leading and most successful food service company with more than $40B sales from 30K franchise in global.

However, this company didn’t grow quickly and reached where they are now due to hard work and effective marketing strategies. Therefore When the company was searching a new ways to catch the attention of customers in the 1970s, they launch the Happy Meal, one of their greatest achievements.


This led in the world’s first Happy Meal, a combination of meal suitable for children including a free toy Japan Phone Number which place McDonalds on death center among the children sites in global.

McDonalds includes specific aspects of its service and products like packaging, looks and desirability. This includes non-tangible and tangible features of the services and product.
However In the means of acting localization as the main strategy, McDonalds had studied the manners of the Indian clients and totally p various menus as compare to its menu presented in global market. However The company has kept the product range limited on purpose and they eliminate beef, mutton and pork burger from their menu.

The marketing mix of McDonald’s

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Highlights how the company combines internationalization and globalization, according to other fast food chains.

Using the effects of strategical and tactical models, the branding campaigns below, the effect of McDonald’s on the global. However environment and how they adapt to local communities.
Convenient Social Media Marketing
McDonald’s divides the day up with the minimalist artworks of its each product.
Despite the massive popularity of Instagram Stories, many marketers have seemed sluggish to embrace the medium in a way that feels specific to what makes the vertical storytelling format special. Ads in Stories are often just awkwardly cut from traditional 30-second spots, and tapping through organic branded content can feel equally underwhelming. The ads appeared in instagram stories from mcdonald’s germany throughout the day, corresponding each time with a popular item.


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