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Account In Cool Tabs 1000 Phone Numbers

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Account In Cool Tabs 1000 Phone Numbers

Facebook ads guide for beginners index [ hide ] what is facebook ads? Types of advertising objectives in facebook ads structure of a facebook ad how to advertise on facebook a) make your first campaign on facebook b) create your ad set c) create your ad on facebook or instagram what is facebook ads? Facebook ads is the practice of carrying out advertisements or paid advertising campaigns on the social networks of the meta company (facebook and instagram). Through its official platform called facebook business manager. 1000 phone numbers Types of advertising objectives in facebook ads there are 3 objectives that you can choose for a facebook ads campaign depending on the strategy you want to carry out. Recognition : ideal to strengthen the brand image.

The main objective is to achieve 1000 phone numbers visibility or reach of your ads. Consideration : it is appropriate to choose this option if you want people to know you more and you can get useful information from your potential customers. 1000 phone numbers  Conversions : we are talking about an audience that already knows you so that you can create direct sales ads for your products or services or execute another type of action such as calling your business. Within each objective facebook creates different business objectives. Next. I tell you what they are: in target you can choose: brand recognition. Scope. In consideration you have: traffic. Interaction. App installations. Videoviews. Lead generation.

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Posts. And in conversion you will find: conversions. Catalog sales. Businesstraffic. As you can see. You have a wide range of options to start indicating in your ads what objective you want to achieve. 1000 phone numbers Depending on the type of objective. The platform itself gives you a series of specific options so that you can cover it. Structure of a facebook ad at the moment you decide to create an ad for instagram or facebook. You will have to go through different phases or levels that are: advertising campaign. Announcement set. Advertisements. What is a campaign : the “campaign” level is the first step that you are going to have to cover and in it you establish the type of objective that you want to attack. What is an ad set: ad sets is the next level that you must fill in.


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In it you will establish the audience you want to target. Using the different types of segmentation provided by the platform. You will also cover important information such as budget. Start and end date. 1000 phone numbers Locations etc. Within a campaign you can create different sets of ads and these at the same time programmed with different parameters of target audience. Budget… What is an ad – lastly. You have ads. Which are at the third level within the ad set. Here you will make the design of the ad. That is. The way in which the end user sees the ad. You can upload images. Videos. Write the ad text. Select the call to action button. Etc.

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