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A Word Counter Is Nothing More

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A Word Counter Is Nothing More

Than a simple web application that aims to tell you the length, in characters or words, of a certain text that you have previously entered. This type of counter has web utilities that are widely used within the webmaster world; For example, when analyzing the content of the competition, one of the things that we must evaluate is “how long” are the articles located in the first positions of Google. This way we will know what type of content Google wants in the first positions in terms of extension. Depending on the keyword you use, the search engine tends to place results with content that is sometimes long, sometimes medium, and sometimes quite short.

This will depend on the number of searches that keyword has on Google. It is a very common mistake to think that “the longer a content is, the more options it will have to position it”, but this is not the case. As the Inbound Marketing strategy explains , the quality of our content prevails Finland phone number quantity, which is why we must pay more attention to the quality of our posts than to their length. Examples of SEO character counters ToolsSEO : is a totally free SEO tool to count words and characters that will help you to know the length of your texts in order to know how to improve them.

Tictac Solutions It Is A Totally

free and very complete counter that will help you to know the extension of your title, meta description, URL and your keywords. In addition, it recommends the most appropriate length for each of the above and thus serve as a guide. Character Counter : This is another free tool very similar to the previous one. It guides you through limited characters and words to optimize your texts in relation to Google. With this counter you will be able to know the extension of your title, meta description and keyword.

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For the title , they usually recommend between 50-65 so that Google does not shorten your titles when they are displayed in the search engine, since it has a maximum of 70 characters. In terms of the meta description , Google only shows 160 characters, so it would be advisable to have a description of between 150-155 characters, in which you must include your keyword to make it easier to find your article. Keep in mind that the length of the URL also influences your positioning, which should be descriptive for both users and search engines,

But It Is Recommende That It Has A Maximum

length of 75 characters, including enough and up to a maximum of 10. Make sure that the words you choose are related to the topic. It is very important that you understand that the process of web positioning in search engines is not a one-day task. It is necessary to update it and look for ways to optimize it daily. This way you will achieve that your website is located among the first positions of the search results. The vast majority of these counters have the most optimal number of characters set to improve your SEO positioning.

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