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A Marketing Strategy Colombia Phone Number

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A Marketing Strategy Colombia Phone Number

The leader of ciudadanos. The most active regarding the volume of publications. Rivera is the candidate who tweets the most . To date. He has posted 55.800 tweets . Despite not having as many followers to reach with his publications. The leader of vox. He is another one who writes the most tweets (27.500). He is closely followed by sánchez. With 26.400 publications. The title of the least active candidate goes to married . Who ranks last. With 12.700 tweets . General elections 2019: candidates although the five politicians have remained active throughout the year. Their activity on twitter has skyrocketed with certain events Colombia phone number.

Pedro was more active on Colombia phone number september 25 . Coinciding with his attendance at the un climate summit . The pp candidate. Pablo casado Colombia phone number. Did the same on july 21 . Coinciding with the first anniversary as leader of the popular party . However. The day that president ciudadanos was most active was april 14 . After his act in errenteria . A situation similar to that of the leader of vox . On september 17. As the reason for the rally he offered in roquetas de mar. Much more recent is the most active day of the united we can candidate. Pablo iglesias. On november 1.

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The ones with the most engagement despite being one of the candidates with the fewest followers. Santiago abascal’s publications are the ones that arouse the most sympathy . Since january. Her tweets of him have had an engagement of 1.890.000 million retweets and 4.130.000 million favorites . Some figures far removed from the publications of pablo iglesias Colombia phone number. The second candidate with the most engagement : 1.160.000 million retweets and 2.870.000 million favorites. General elections: engagement of spanish politicians on twitter once again. Pablo casado occupies the last position in the ranking . With 676.000 retweets and 1.370.000 favorites .

Colombia Phone Number

Venezuela and the 4n debate star in the publications with the most engagement it is surprising that the publications that have garnered the most engagement among tweeters coincide in theme. In three of the five candidates analyzed. On january 23. The political leaders of the pp and ciudadanos drew applause from users by demanding the recognition of juan guaidó as the legitimate president of venezuela . A few days later. The psoe candidate published his most successful tweet so far this year. Finally recognizing the venezuelan politician as president Colombia phone number. In the case of the vox candidate. Abascal published his most successful tweet on april 24.

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A video featuring a voter from his party. To find out the post with the most engagement from the leader of podemos . You don’t have to go back very far. It occurred at the gates of the general elections. After the hangover of the electoral debate of 4n. In it he alludes to the small lapse that he suffered when speaking of the same gender Colombia phone number. The most used hashtags by the candidates for the general elections to learn a little more about the theme of the publications of political leaders. We look at the hashtags that have been used the most throughout the year. In the case of pablo casado. Valorseguro . The pp campaign slogan for the last general elections of 28a.

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