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6 simple tools for digital marketing beginners

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6 simple tools for digital marketing beginners

When you’re starting out in digital marketing or when you’re dealing with a small business on a budget, there are plenty of useful and free tools that can make your marketing work easier and achieve optimal results. Throughout the marketing process from defining the creative concept to measuring the effectiveness of a strategy, the following tools will be useful for those who are starting in this area of digital marketing and also, of course, for those who already have experience in this regard. 

1. Google Trends Hot Searches
Ideal for finding out about trends and what people are Dominican Republic Phone Number List talking about, hence the key message of a particular campaign or strategy can emerge with the aim of joining the internet fashion conversation.

In other words, it serves as an inspiration to do newsjacking and be inspired by topics that create social media engagement .

2. Piktochart
For the content part , which is the king of marketing, it may be necessary to develop an infographic, a widely used resource that yields optimal results, since users appreciate condensed content, which combines hard data or statistics accompanied by graphics.

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Thus, if it is necessary to develop an infographic, Piktochart is a free and easy tool to do so, since in five minutes a valuable piece of content can be designed for the target .

3. Followerwonk
This free tool is ideal for measuring the interaction that occurs on Twitter. With this tool you can even know what is the best time to tweet.

Followerwonk can help you to know the number of followers that have been added to a profile and also how many have been lost during a period of time.

The most useful option of this tool is the bio search , with Brother Cell Phone List which it is possible to find potential clients from the search by interests of the profiles, and thus connect them. You can also identify people who frequently mention a brand in their profiles.

4. Some header blogs
There are hundreds on the net, but the Econsultancy portal , a consulting firm for digital businesses with an emphasis on marketing, recommends Avinash Kaushik’s blog , an expert in digital marketing who will surely have the best practices in the material available for his readers. Also, although it is not properly a blog but a news site about the practices that are currently disrupting marketing : MIT Tech Review .

5. MozBar
A very useful tool to know the SEO metrics, to search results of a page, helps to create personalized searches, compare links, keywords and access other functions to know everything about SEO to use it in a marketing campaigndigital.

6. Google alerts
Finally, another free and easy-to-use tool that yields good results when looking for what is said about a brand or a campaign on the web, with Google alerts it is possible to know if the public relations strategy is going good and it is generating conversation about a product or service.

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