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6 Great Actors Who Should Get Way More Attention

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6 Great Actors Who Should Get Way More Attention

Some actors go from “little known” to “freaking India Phone Number List everywhere” in a single movie (looking at you, Chris Pratt and Ryan Reynolds), others aren’t so lucky. It’s hard not to be nieched or type-cast after your first big break, so often actors and India Phone Number List actresses like to diversify their portfolios to get more jobs. That doesn’t always work India Phone Number List out for them, but I’d like to hope that the Hollywood gods will grant them the attention they really deserve. This list is my personal opinion, so don’t get your panties in a bunch, okay?

Right, let’s check out these 6 terrific actors, who India Phone Number List deserve way more attention!I first saw Jimmy in the Blacklist series (currently airing season 5, BTW, go watch it!) and the moment I heard his rich smooth voice, I knew it was a love at first note. India Phone Number List People keep praising Morgan Freeman’s booming voice, but, I’m telling you, Spader’s is far more superior. He’s one of the few reasons why I can keep re-watching Avengers: Age

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student mobile list of Ultron without rolling my eyes every 10 minutes. In India Phone Number List case you didn’t know, Spader plays Ultron in that movie. Between his solid India Phone Number List acting chops and those billion-dollar vocal cords, James Spader gets a special spot on my list.Remember the X-Men: Apocalypse movie? Until the last few months before the premiere, I knew absolutely nothing about Olivia Munn. But then I saw a video of her training with a katana for her role India Phone Number List as Psylocke, and it got me curious. The movie turned out to be meh, but I did enjoy the (very few and far between) Psylocke parts. Apparently, Olivia’s been doing a lot of modeling too! She India Phone Number List was even ranked #2 on Maxim‘s 2012 “Hot 100 Women” list. Did I mention she speaks Japanese, and has a black belt in karate? How more badass can you get, Liv?

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