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5 strategies that made Oreo the king of social media

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5 strategies that made Oreo the king of social media

Few are the international companies that can boast a high level of engagement from their consumers through digital platforms . A perfect example of this is the Oreo cookie brand , who have not only managed to maintain a growing number of followers on their multiple online channels , but have also managed to produce a general positive response thanks to their mix of creativity, cunning and interaction with customers. users .

This company is proof that permanence in the market is achieved thanks to the ability to adapt to new trends and the integration of multiplatform technologies , which allow impacting the consumer with fresh and innovative messages – a fact that is reflected in the more than 100 years of history of the popular cookies.

1.- Understand the market
One of the keys to the success of the brand is to fully integrate and understand pop culture . Actions such as Oreo’s Daily Twist -a campaign designed to generate daily Belgium Mobile Number List content about a global event-, generated a resounding response on Facebook, where the average number of likes per publication was 5 million according to company data.

Likewise, the openness to all kinds of topics such as celebrating Gay Pride Day, caused the brand’s engagement to grow 110 percent by incorporating new audiences on its platforms.

2.- Generation of original content
Another relevant topic for the brand is linked to the messages. Whether through animations, commercials or illustrations, Oreo has 4 characteristic elements in its contents: simplicity, originality, relevance and a very marked emotional stimulus .

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An example of this is the commercial of the ‘mini Mel market’ , where the brand elevates the values ​​of the brand through a sympathetic story:

3.- Responsiveness / Newsjacking
An example of Oreo’s responsiveness on social media occurred during the Super Bowl XLVII blackout. The brand’s tweet allusive to the event generated 525 million impressions for the brand in a few minutes, giving it a gigantic showcase and placing Oreo among the top of the most timely and successful tweets of all time.

4.- Permanent interaction with the public
In its recent Halloween campaign , the brand created an Brother Cell Phone List opportunity for users to name the monsters from its ‘Oreo Lab’ . A fact that in addition to bringing a greater number of followers on the networks, guarantees the volume of sales of your products during the season.

5.- Fun
Perhaps the greatest achievement of Oreo in social media is the simple strategy of appealing to fun. Users can relate the content as highly creative – they are not forced at all – and in return provide positive responses for the brand.

Linking a product as simple as a cookie with a whole universe of possibilities never seen before is the key to the success of this company.

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