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5 sins that you may not know and that will lead to failure of your fanpage

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5 sins that you may not know and that will lead to failure of your fanpage

Currently, having a fanpage on Facebook is a vital element for brands, since it represents a great window to connect with consumers , who are increasingly digital. According to data from Merca2.0 , for 43.5 percent of consumers, advertising on social networks is more interesting than other types of ads, where interaction within the brand’s fan page plays an important role.

In this regard, we know that having a good profile and cover image as well as regularly updating said space is vital for a brand account on Facebook to be useful within Ghana Phone Number List the strategies. However, there are some other details that, although they might seem like small details, could mean the failure of a commercial firm in the popular social network.

In this sense, we share 5 sins that should be avoided so as not to lead a Facebook fanpage to failure:

1.-Many publications without engagement
It is true that a fanpage must have a constant and continuous publication rate. However, success is not guaranteed by the number of publications but by the level of engagement that they can generate.

Responding to the comments of the audience as well as making the users part of the conversation directly will allow the loyalty of the public and make it closer to the brand.

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2.-Omit audiovisual content
Posting statuses will only make the fanpage lose dynamism and appeal. Accompany each publication -as much as possible- with a video or a photograph, to optimize the opportunities for user loyalty and for the shared content to be replicated on other non-brand sites.

3.-Do not integrate a contact tab
Consumers are increasingly concerned about having a personal relationship with the brands of their choice, and although Facebook is a useful tool for this, it is true that other “old school” contacts -such as a phone number, an email or the link to the brand page, for example – they work very efficiently to meet this requirement.

4.-Campaigns not adapted to the fanpage
The brand page on Facebook is an element that must be part of the communication strategies of the firm, therefore it must be adapted to the different campaigns that the Brother Cell Phone List brand carries out with the intention of complementing the information for the consumer and giving strength to each advertising effort to be made.

Keep track of the conversations and interactions that your brand generates on Facebook

5.-Measure with empty parameters
Although many strategies have the primary goal of increasing the number of fans of a Facebook page, it is important to remember that this should only be the first step. In other words, the number of followers that can be reached is not in itself a good indicator of the health of the brand’s activity on the social network.

It is necessary to consider some deeper aspects such as the level of commitment, conversation, quality of the publications, brand awareness or leads that have been achieved.

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