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5 recent social documentary photographers

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5 recent social documentary photographers

By oscar colorado nates in this blog we have given an overview of social documentary photography from its remote antecedents through the expressions of humanist photography , the new social document , intimacy and even the panorama of documentary photography on the internet . It is time to review the work of five recent photographers who can be an interesting example of how emerging talents coexist with established figures in recent documentary filmmaking.

For our analysis we chose the work of mark leong , a photographer who has transcended through his different works in asia published in national geographic, suvri kanti das bangladesh who has just finished his photography studies and spreads his work through initiatives such as demotix .


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For her part , de ella ruddy roye shows philippines photo editor that instagram can play a role in contemporary documentary filmmaking that seemed impossible in the framework of classical documentary filmmaking. Susan kessler shares her concerns about the fragility of job stability. Alfredo cáliz adorns and signs this work by reflecting on the challenges in contemporary documentary filmmaking.

1.Mark leong essay ulaanbaatar and the end of nomadism 1 “mongols have been nomadic herders since prehistoric times, but in the last decade they have been abandoning their herds to move to cities. A combination of deadly winters, the rise of gold and copper mining is driving a social mutation. Since 2000, the population of ulaanbaatar has grown from 650,000 to more than 1 million, reaching a third of mongolias 2.8 million people.

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This sudden change has been a growing problem. Urbanized Student Mobile List nomads are on the wrong side of the wealth gap they struggle to catch up with high technology. Unemployment is widespread. 22 of men suffer from alcoholism. Corruption causes a lack of basic urban services such as paved roads and drinking water in the districts. Nomadic camps that once represented freedom have become polluted slums where newcomers are relegated.

Yes, this small nation that once ruled half of the civilized world is relevant again, but after nomadism, what remains of mongolian identity Two horses and jockeys train for the naadam festival races outside of ulaanbaatar. Naadam is the annual festival celebrating the Manly games of wrestling, archery, and horse racing.More than half of ulaanbaatars 1.2 million people live in the ger districts that have formed as exherders have given up the nomadic life en masse to pitch their gers on the hills surrounding the city.

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