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4 global trends for creating budgets and strategies in 2015

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4 global trends for creating budgets and strategies in 2015

In just 10 weeks the year 2014 will come to an end . And as usual, companies worldwide will begin to carry out their annual evaluations during the months of November and December, dates on which strategies and budgets for 2015 are outlined . This season, the perfect opportunity arises for CMOs to seek the implementation of structural changes that are directly linked to market trends , all this to achieve a 2015 that exceeds general expectations. In this sense, the Inc. portal published an article in which it rescued some of the outstanding trends and useful advice for managers for the following year.

1.- The increase in the importance of mobile

The publication points out that 2014 was a monumental Estonia Phone Number List year in terms of the commercialization and use of mobile devices in the world. This transition from desktop internet to mobile platforms meant a substantial change in consumer behavior – those who now have greater power of appeal and are strengthened with access to information search engines.

Inc. notes that marketers  need to understand these new digital paradigms in order to guide marketing and allocate budgets, as “a brand’s ability to quickly and effectively generate high-quality mobile experiences for consumers , will provide competitive advantage in 2015 ”.

2.- Search fragmentation across platforms, devices and channels

In this sense, another of the topics that will be a trend during the following year will be the ways in which companies know how to take advantage of the fragmentation of information. Online searches no longer return data in the traditional way but are now disseminated through a wide variety of platforms and channels. The portal indicates that the interaction between online service providers, mobile devices and software applications is forcing brands to maintain a greater presence on platforms such as Amazon, Wikipedia and Yelp – not just on Google.

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3.- Fusion between leadership and social engagement

Another of the highlighted themes in 2015 will be the interaction between leadership thinking – which in the opinion of experts, has been a constant term in the industry due to multiple attempts by brands to pursue marketing strategies with the intention of to position themselves as experts in their respective communities – and the part of social commitment. Two elements that integrated achieve the success of the campaigns.

4.- The increase and need for customization

Inc. shows that more sophisticated search engines, mobile technology and the interaction between the leadership and social responsibility part of brands, cause consumers Brother Cell Phone List to be exposed to higher levels of personalization. The growth capacity of companies will be determined -in this sense- by the guarantee of providing unique experiences to customers.

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