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3 Marketing Lessons from the movie Annabelle

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3 Marketing Lessons from the movie Annabelle

A few days ago Anabelle -character of the horror film “El conjuro” – premiered – and just a few days after its release, the story has raised more than 23 million pesos, so it is placed as one of the premieres strongest 2014 in Mexico. The expectation of the film was very high mainly due to the creative marketing strategies of its distributor (Warner Bros.) that has presented the doll around the world, taking photos of her in tourist places.

BTL Strategy:
In different countries BTL strategies were carried out to Ivory Coast Phone Number List promote the premiere of the film, however, in Brazil a television channel made a video – hidden camera – to promote the horror film about the demonic doll “Annabelle” which became viral. The joke consisted of hiring cleaners who were locked in a room while paranormal events happened.

The Raggedy Ann doll:
Raggedy Ann is a rag doll with red strands for hair and a triangular nose. It was made by a very famous children’s toy store in the 70’s. However, she is involved in a paranormal phenomenon when in 1970, a woman gives her daughter Donna, a medical student, a Raggedy Ann doll. However, after a few days strange phenomena begin to occur. This story has been shared in different media -mainly on the internet- in the days before the release of Annabelle, which generated more expectations before the premiere of the film.

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Social media:
During September New Line Cinema and Warner Bros launched a campaign on social networks made up of several photographs in which the Annabelle doll appears visiting Brother Cell Phone List different cities in the United States. So Warner Bros. Mexico was not far behind and carried out a similar campaign in which the possessed doll takes photos in tourist places in our country.

This is one more example of a good marketing strategy to promote a horror movie, and although the numbers speak for themselves, did Annabelle satisfy the public?

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