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3 cases of musical success thanks to social networks

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3 cases of musical success thanks to social networks

Artists who have boosted their careers through YouTube and are examples of musical success stories thanks to social networks Santiago, Chile. – The stars in Social Media have a special charm. They have not invested large sums of money and their personal marketing campaigns are based on two factors: the talent of their creations and the upload of their videos to YouTube. Why? We analyze it below in these 3 cases of musical success thanks to social networks.

We are not clear why someone becomes a star, but logic suggests that there is talent on the part of the creator and / or some element that manages to make the public Morocco Phone Number List identify with him or her. The emotional factor is undoubtedly an element that works in your favor and it can trigger something in the audience through humor, sensitivity, solidarity or surprise.

Thus, it is not difficult to assign any of these characteristics to the following artists.

Justin Bieber. Like it or not, Bieber is in the collective unconscious. Young and old alike know his story, his first video and the meeting with Usher Raymond who, after seeing the boy’s potential, decided to sign a contract with him that has made them both hyper millionaires. What did the boy show, to enchant the audience? A kind of naivety that forever trapped the teenagers who follow him to this day.

Lana Del Rey: The girl has always sung and composed, but she only achieved her star status when she uploaded her video “Video Games” to YouTube in 2011 and has not stopped.

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Nano Stern. The case of the Chilean Nano Sternit is emblematic. Associated with the “third generation of Chilean singer-songwriters”, it is just being broadcast by some radio stations in the country. Tireless traveler and known on several continents, his recitals are filled with fans who follow him through social networks and who even know the breath that arises in each song. Finding the original of this well-known song that we share with you becomes an impossible task, due to the number of uploads of the live versions and the covers of its fans. We will not talk about what he earns, that is another matter, but we will give an Brother Cell Phone List account of the talent of this national multi-instrumentalist who still does not exceed 30 years, has a manager on every continent and enchants adults and children. A pride for us and a great case of musical success thanks to social networks (and his undeniable talent)

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