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10 Most Influential First Ladies In Modern Times

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10 Most Influential First Ladies In Modern Times

Every First Lady who moves into the White India Phone Number List House brings their unique personalities into the role. For some, they bring attention to a cause they believe strongly in order to make the country a better place. Most are seen as a India Phone Number List stabilizing force as they provide emotional support for their husbands as they India Phone Number List tackle one of the most difficult, stressful jobs imaginable. Whatever the case may be, each First Lady leaves behind a

particular legacy. Here’s a look at 10 First Ladies India Phone Number List who used their role to make a difference.The wife of the 39th president Jimmy Carter, Rosalynn was both a devoted mother (her youngest child Amy was 9 when her father was elected president) and wife. But she didn’t confine herself to the role of hostess. She was very involved politically in India Phone Number List the Carter`s administration. In fact, she was her husband’s closest advisor, even sitting in on cabinet meetings. She was an advocate for both women’s rights and civil rights. She also supported India Phone Number List initiatives related to mental health. In contrast to such First Ladies as Carter and Hillary Clinton, Laura Bush

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preferred to stay out of her student mobile list  husband George W. Bush’s India Phone Number List political affairs and instead focused on being more of a traditional First Lady. She was a librarian by trade, so it makes sense that she advocated literacy. She is responsible for establishing the India Phone Number List National Book Festival in 2001. Two decades later, it’s still going strong. Highly educated for a woman of her era, Johnson was a high achiever who actually purposely allowed her high India Phone Number List school grades to slip so that she wouldn’t have to give a valedictorian speech. She had experience as a manager and investor, even bankrolling her husband Lyndon B. Johnson’s first congressional race. As First Lady she advocated for improving cities and highways. She was also the second First Lady to insist on her own press secretary. For her efforts, President Carter awarded her the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1977.

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